Sunday, November 30, 2008

CCM Professional Encounter to Hollywood - About to get Underway!

CCM is embarking on what is sure to be an amazing part of growing this production company and internship!!

Beginning tomorrow... CCM goes west!

Keep up with the Professional Encounter as it unfolds on a blog published to share the heart of the CCM'ers as they learn, grow and experience immersion into the world of real film & television production!

Check it out:

The CCM Professional Encounter Blog

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rediscovering - SEAWIND!!!

It come out of the recesses of my mind.
The memories.
The music.

Actually it was triggered by a conversation with one of my best friends in the world: Alex Palermo. We were room mates in college... we shared a love for God and a love for music. (Him... songwriter/keys. Me... trumpet/drums.)

We were really into Jazz.

One of our favorite groups was SEAWIND. Rock solid on every front.
They a message. They sent The Message.

They may be old school... but their music still stands!!!

I don't know of anyone TODAY who is doing what they did THEN.

Enjoy some SEAWIND right here...

I can't share vinyl (yes, I still have those) over the web... But I can share the vibe:

Jazz artists with The Message. Man I miss these guys.

Ah yeah...

Keep it coming... Great times... Great vibe


Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Chronicles of HAMILTON - PT 7

And... that's a WRAP!

When the night is over... and the broadcast has faded to black... it's a job well done!!

Long hours... butterflies in the stomach (oh... but God was in control the entire time... so those nerves were just the edge everybody needed to stay sharp! Nothing more)... professional growth that is off the chart... and, a program ready for the world to see!!

May God use it all for His glory!!

It's hard to fully explain what happens during these CCM productions. So much goes down in such a short, but concentrated period of time.

The thing that amazes me the most (every time!) is just how much each PROFESSIONAL on the CCM team gains by doing this. (That's right... in my eyes each CCMer is not an intern... they are a PROFESSIONAL) The learn, perform, and grow like any professional I have every worked with out in Hollywood!

It shouldn't work the way it does. (a team full of inexperienced folks)
It shouldn't result in a REAL, PROFESSIONAL, BROADCAST-ABLE 15 hours of event. BUT IT DOES!! It does because we are blessed... It does because all of the CCMers are willing, flexible, teachable, and dedicated.

Oh... they relax at the end of the night too!
Check it out: (And meet some more of the team)

So that's it from Hamilton!!

Keep checking back here for the exact broadcast dates in December.
I'll let you know the times as soon as I get them.