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The Art of The Hustle Part I

Some days I thank God for designing us in such a way that we crave the things we need even though we as Christians spend so much time trying to resist our cravings, and that in the end God is much more "human" than statue.

Sometimes I thank God that He gives me the gifts and abilities that I need to follow my path, but not many that I don't so that I don't become too prideful. Then I thank Him that I am so humble, -probably more humble than you.

Today, I'm thanking God for the art of the hustle.

Doug asked me a little while back to start posting on his blog, and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get to it. This will be more for the CCMers out there in good 'ol Garden Valley more than anyone else, but my random guess is that is probably mostly who reads Doug's blog anyway.

I've only been out here in L.A. since mid February, but I've gotten a pretty good crash course in trying to carve out a path out here. Of course, there have been both ups and downs. So, if I'm able to pass on any little hint of wisdom that can give any of you an edge who plan on coming out here yourself, that's what I love to do. I won't go into all of my experiences and everything this time, but especially those of you leaving in August to come out here, I hope you'll contact me and let me share a few things with you first that may help you get a good start. In any event, here's what has been on my mind lately that I want to share this time- the art of the hustle.

It's always been interesting to me how God has brought out latent gifts inside of me only at certain times when I most needed them to follow the path He has me on. At certain times of my I have seen different gifts, that I didn't previously operate in much, suddenly surface in a very natural unplanned (by me) way. When I was in CCM you no doubt did not see me as much of a hustler. I certainly didn't see myself as one anyway. Now when I say "hustle" in this particular context I do not mean a cheat, swindler, or dirty-dealer-of-rotten-deeds. Surely, you must be picturing me wearing a large silky purple hat with an over-sized peacock feather, strolling down the street and swinging my gold chain, possibly stopping here or there to roll a couple of dice, but never never breaking stride as I casually nod to passers-by whom wave their hands at me in approval (all the while whistling "It's Getting Hard Out Here For A Pimp.")

No, no, my dear poppets.

What I mean is you probably never saw me swinging deals, heavily negotiating, or promoting my services. There wasn't a lot of need for me to. I was in an environment that allowed me to work my way up with hard work, dedication, and faithfulness- and that was just fine by me. Since being in LA, however, I have seen a different quality in myself suddenly blossoming. There is no other way for me to explain it other than that God knew that I needed it for this time and so -poof- He drew it out. [Poof is what we in the biz call an SFX- that's a freebee. ;) ] All of this is to say, that I want to point out to you the things I've seen God drawing out in me out here, so that you can hopefully apply them to your own journey in whatever way is useful. So, with that said- let's talk about hustling. I'll break it up over time, so today we'll just hit part A.

A) Self promotion is not a negative thing.

Let me clarify- self promotion of yourself as a person for the purposes of inflating your ego, making someone else jealous, or impressing a member of the opposite gender in order to use and abuse them - is not nice. However, there is a difference between that and promoting yourself professionally.

It would be great if people just dropped their garden hoses, turned in awe and abandonment, and walked in droves through the streets to gaze upon the wild wonder that is your art.

It would also be great if eating the way I like to stopped making me fatter.

Neither is likely to happen.

If you were somehow unaware before, let me make you hip- this is an extremely competitive field we have chosen (or that has been chosen for us.) It sounds dreamily wonderful to think about following your dream ...until you realize that 150,000 other people share your dream and don't believe that you are entitled to exclusive rights to it. -Until you realize that not all 150,000 people are going to get to live that dream. Not even close. (I just picked a number- I'm sure I have no idea how many literal people actually share this dream, but you get the point.)

Shall we dismay? Shall we turn to electrical engineering instead or perhaps food services?
No offense to anyone in either of those industries, but -no. No, we shall not. This is still our dream and we still owe it to ourselves and to God to chase it.

But we do need to become very PRO-ACTIVE in chasing down that dream. First, we do everything we can to BE the best we can as media professionals. Then, we do everything we can to let others know we are the best.

Because, otherwise, here in L.A. where even my parking lot attendant carries his sure-to-win-an-oscar-some-day screenplay in his back pocket, you are not likely to just get noticed because you sent in a couple of applications and a link to your reel on youtube. So, not only do you need to find the work and apply, but you need to somehow stand out from the other 300 applicants who would kill to make this guy's coffee (that one, by-the-way, was NOT an exaggeration - literally 300 applicants in 2 days for a secratary job, and that is the norm.)

You, until you work for a production company, are essentially a freelance (fill-in-the-blank.) That means you are your own company. Your own product. Your job is to find a job, and you are self-employed. (Or, you actually are freelancing, and your job is to find many short-term gigs, ...and you are self-employed.) As a company, if you want to do business, you need to advertise. You need to develop a marketing strategy. You may even need to invest a little bit into an advertising budget as well. As you advertise, you will of course be making people aware of your product and trying to convince them how great it would be for them to buy and why it beats the other guy's product- ie: selling it to them. What is your product? (All together now-) You are. Sell yourself. It's not prideful, it's good business.

Wait, aren't we supposed to put ourselves in the Lord's hands and let Him create our success? Aren't I just being selfishly ambitious if I promote myself instead of waiting for that perfect job to be sent from the heavens, you know- "the Lord's perfect plan for me?"

As a speaker at the church I've been attending said this past week - God is a writer who wrote down some characters, placed them in a setting, and then actually handed them the pen. We are to be co-laborers with Christ, which means we are not spectators, we are participants. The same speaker talked of a friend of his who started a parade in his neighborhood for his children. They went door to door to their neighbors to tell them there would be a parade

...and that they were not allowed to watch it.

But, they were invited to walk in it. No one at all was allowed to watch, but all could participate. That is life and the way God intends life for us. Get in it, rip it up, and trust that God is ripping it up with you as a co-laborer and that His participation takes your participation and turns it into something amazing.

Don't do it alone, but -by all mean- do it!

Next time I'll start talking a little more practically about what that looks like and some things I've learned about how to hustle. Until then, hustlers, keep glorifying God in all you do.

Miss you tons,

Production is a TEAM SPORT

This week is going be HUGE for the Center for Creative Media.

We will be shooting 4 stunt and effects-laden pieces.
2 will involve sky divers and 2 will have explosives, stunts & pyro.
Just another week of film making...

We will be shooting almost all of this digitally, although there is some ongoing debate about weaving some film into the process. The need for excellent particles and debris in compositing will make that decision for us.

Total # of people needed between all 4 pieces: 60'ish.

Yet in the end... the Director will probably get the lion's share of the credit.

As he should.

You see... the Director isn't just the artiste.
He is also, using baseball terms: The Manager.

The Director (with the help of the producer) must assemble the right team and put people in the right places.

The production process is simply NOT a one man show. (Memory check: All the Oscar speeches. "I'd like to thank... ."

Production can be centered around one person's vision and passion. But inevitably, there must be a team around that person/vision that will ultimately add their skill/talent/thoughts, etc... resulting in a team produced story.

As a producer/director I want the best around me anytime I go into production.
I go to bat to get them.
I shield them while in production allowing them to bring their art to the table.
I share their great efforts with the world.
I desire to go through it again... on some other production... with THEM.

I've run into only a few people who practice their art by "themselves."
One of those is Tom Scholz... the brain behind BOSTON.
I got to spend a few days with Scholz a couple of years ago when producing what was supposed to be a Behind the Music episode on the 70's super band.

Scholz is an engineer who graduated from M.I.T. and worked for Polaroid. He is so brilliant, that the company who brought us pictures that developed themselves before our eyes put him on a team developing "instant movies." If it were not for the emergence of video tape... maybe that innovation would have taken hold.

During his days at Polaroid... Scholz was a slave to his real passion: Rock & Roll.
He gathered together every dime he could get his hands on and put in a studio in his basement and began crafting what would become the legendary debut album "BOSTON." If memory serves me right... it took Scholz about 7 years to make that album. And... just about every sound on the record is HIM. Playing nearly all the instruments himself & Brad Delp singing. He crafted, massaged, and created a rock & roll masterpiece.

But... rock & roll is not best experienced in your basement by yourself.

Rock comes alive with a crowd in a live setting in a club, field, arena or stadium.

After pounding on just about every label door in existence, who turned him down, Scholz finally got a taker to release his music. And like any good label they said: "Time to hit the road." One problem: There was NO band. There was only Scholz (and Delp.) There was no BOSTON!

The scramble was on to fix that.
In the end they put together a band to tour and play what Scholz had dreamed up.

But... while the debut album (released in 1976) was legendary, the band's subsequent 3 albums came at a slow and tedeous pace (1978, 1986, 1994) coming in at around 8 years to create each record. Personally, I like the albums, but... there could have been so much more. (ask the Stones).

In the end... Boston is the vision of Tom Scholz. But the amount of art created is far less then we all could have enjoyed, the lawsuits that ensued for a variety of reasons including lack of album delivery drained much of the money made from Scholz's efforts, and the personal acrimony between Scholz and the other band members must feel like personal loss and/or frustration to all of them.

Their last album release was made without many of the original members and achieved lackluster sales. And while many of their classic rock contemporaries are enjoying lucrative results from touring... Boston is on the sidelines. (Correction: They are headed out on tour this summer. So I'll amend my comments to this: While Boston was one of the more prolific rock acts of the 70's/80's their modern day classic rock resurgence has come no where near that of many of their yester-year contemporaries.)

BTW... there never was a BTM on Boston. Scholz pulled the plug mid-production. (No Behind the Music was ever made with out artist cooperation.)

The irony about this TEAM vs. SOLO dynamic is illustrated well by the career of Director Syndey Pollack.

This fantastically successful director passed away yesterday (see other post on my blog). His movies have stuck with me and in me.

Pollack's career of 40+ years includes his directing more than 20 movies.
He's also directed TV Episodes, Produced Movies, and Acted.

And his accomplished career in Directing far out-paces the recording career of Scholz.

Both of them storytellers.
Both of them connect with me.

I just have more of Pollack to experience.
I appreciate what they both gave.
I just have more of Pollack to experience.

Pollack worked with some of the biggest names in acting in the past 4 decades.
Pollack was a team player who worked with the best and assembled amazing teams.
He also knew how to work with the studios.

He has left an amazing legacy.

So the question for you is:
Is your art best expressed in your basement? Or is it best expressed by assembling a team who will join you on your story-telling journey.

Most dreams are realized through team.
This week CCM will be making stories by coming together... to work on visions that were birthed by 1, 2 or 3 people. But, now those visions will be owned by everyone involved.

Make no mistake about it... Production IS a Team Sport.

Director Sydney Pollack -- Dead at 73

A prolific Director leaves a legacy of film.
Read the story

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Story - How I got to where I am today

Doug keeps telling me to write on here sharing my 'real world' experience so I decided the story of how I got to where I am today was the best way to start.

I am Currently working as a full time Casting Assistant at a casting company called Carlyn Davis Casting ( We are located in the DC/Baltimore area. I started as an intern last October and was offered a full time position by mid December.
For me it started with BOLDNESS and taking those first steps - even if the first step was just a decision to take action.
I left CCM in June of '07 after almost three years of the program. I originally moved out to the DC area to live with family and save money before heading to LA - which is where I was sure I was SUPPOSED to be - but I have learned that if you Trust God He will put you where HE wants you and most likley where you need to be . (I guess Solomon wasn't lying when he said "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9)
I am an actor so naturally I was going to auditions, doing extra work etc... (that process is a whole nother story to be shared another time) but I knew I needed a job where I could make some stable money. While doing extra work I was thinking about how I had really enjoyed casting while I was at CCM so I decided to pursue that. My first step of boldness: I decided I was going to go into the casting company I was doing extra work through and just straight up ask for a job or an internship - which is totally not like me to do! Luckily I did some research first and found a posting on Craigslist for an internship at the Casting Company I am currently at. I contacted them, set up and interview and the rest was God. As far as how I got the full time gig - really it was getting to the point where the part time - non-paid - internship was not cutting it - I needed to pay the bills - I needed something to do during the days I was not I hit my knees - I prayed all day as I was cleaning or doing whatever - randomly through out the day I would find myself on my knees again crying out to God (I did not understand what was going on inside - I was so restless and... I don't even know). Again I decided to be bold and was going to ask if there was any possibility for a full time position at the company. The next day I found out the full time intern was leaving and I was offered her position. The Lord was so faithful to put me where I was needed and in an environment that I needed to be in. It turned out that my boss is a Christian as well as all the interns I was working with at the time. The interns and I started praying together in the mornings and we saw the company really grow in success. I have developed some really good relationships both professionally as well as Spiritually. One of my closest friends in the area is my Co-worker Suzanne. It is great to have someone to be challenged with and grow with on a daily basis.
I have so much more to share about life, about balance, about the process of transition, and so much about the business...but I will save all of that for another post(s).

Until Next time...
Trusting Him,
Nicole Annable (class of '06)

Sunday, May 18, 2008


It starts with a SPARK.
A notion.
A thought.
A feeling.

Sometimes they come out of nowhere.
Sometimes they come because there is an important pitch meeting.... TOMORROW.
Sometimes they come because you have sold a project that has to meet a deadline.
Sometimes they come because you have been told you have to deliver a script, a story, a piece, an article, a show that must be produced at a demanded time.


They are the fuel of the creative process.

Occasionally... there is an ORIGINAL idea.
But frankly... there is some truth to the Hollywood saying: "There are no new ideas"

How far is a CRICKET from a BEATLE? (Ask Paul McCartney)

The STAR WARS, SPIDERMANS, and PIRATES of the world compete against their sequels for top box office honors.



STEVE ALLEN transitions to JACK PAAR who transitions to JOHNNY CARSON who transitions to JAY LENO who will transition to CONAN O'BRIAN.

LES PAUL & MARY FORD directly inspire the vocal & recording styles of THE CARPENTERS.

MOVIES used to jump to the SMALL SCREEN. Now TV shows jump to the SILVER SCREEN.

And you know what.... I AM TOTALLY OK WITH ALL OF THIS!

Hey... forget what I think. Here's what the Bible says:

"What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun." -- Ecclesiastes 1:9

I have enjoyed a lot of what is listed above (OK... JOEY was not DYN-O-MITE, and I still call them N-STINK).

I like good stories.
I like being moved.
I like being provoked to thought (Hotel Rwanda) and...
I like being entertained (Iron Man).
When they both happen at one time... WOW! (THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS)
I like it all!!

I am a story participant, and I am a story teller.

So what of this process of developing an idea into the story?

Is it magical?
Is it organic?
Is it divine?

Maybe... but just like "over-night sensations" are usually anything but... the development of an idea goes through a process. It is honed, pounded, whittled, and crafted. The process may be inspired or even divinely inspired... but it is none-the-less a process.

In my experience the idea lives or dies depending on the hands that it is in.

On every project I have ever been involved with it has been my responsibility to be the best producer/director possible... part of this is to gather the strongest team of professionals I can. The strongest in every area of the production. The best DP, the best writers, the best 3D guys, the best composers... THE BEST. It is in the hands of this team of STORYTELLERS that the STORY comes to life.

A good idea in the hands of mediocre talent/skill will suffer.
A bad idea in the hands of truly gifted talent/skill has a chance to thrive. (It might still suck... by it has a chance of making it.)

An IDEA goes down roads and intersections.
It winds through people, places and things.
But... the IDEA starts out simple enough.
It might be great when it starts... but often it is NOT great. It might only be good or God-forbid... REQUIRED. It becomes great as it rides down the highway driven by the STORYTELLERS.

(Don't forget... TOP GUN started as a cover on California Magazine... there was no story in the beginning. Only a picture. Simpson & Bruckheimer sold the movie first, then had to develop the idea. Enter Tony Scott, Tom Cruise and the rest of the storytellers)

STORYTELLERS: You can't sit FROZEN because you're worried you don't have the best idea. You have to develop it. (This can be done quickly or "under the gun." Or, it can be done over available time. Sometimes PRESSURE causes a good story to erupt from idea. Other times, ideas have to be finessed.)

On the other hand... GREAT ideas can be missed.
Some Green-Lighters (decision makers) have PASSED on the stupendous idea.

Dick Rowe at Decca Records passed on signing the Beatles in the early 60's saying, "Groups with guitars are on their way out.”

A retired motel and restaurant owner in his 70s spent two years driving the country pitching his secret recipe for fried chicken to restaurant owners. The story goes that (Colonel) Harland Sanders heard "no" over 1000 times before someone finally said, “yes”.

Most all of the top decision-makers in Hollywood passed on George Lucas and his vision for Star Wars before it became a hit.

In the end... in the right hands, each of these IDEAS (and countless others not mentioned here) were cared for, nurtured, and formed into innovative giant successes.

When you have a GREAT TEAM in place... the law of averages is in your favor.

As part of the Behind the Music team at VH-1... I watched us make GREAT shows. Cat Stevens... Biggie... Journey... Shania Twain... Metallica... Motley Crue... and of course Leif Garrett.

Then again we also made the year-ending shows (1999 & 2000) and the Anthrax episode.

The point:
STORYTELLERS won't always hit a home-run. BUT... if you have assembled the right team... a GREAT TEAM... you increase your batting average of turning an IDEA into a FANTASTIC end result. (Story, Song, Program, whatever....)

Every GREAT STORYTELLER has some whiffs or "not genius" material.

World Series Championship baseball teams win 100 games or so during the regular season. Which means they lose 62 games or so.

Movie Studios, TV Networks and Music Conglomerates know this too.
How many records are made every year? And, how many are certifiable hits?
How many movies are made every year? How many of them are box office smashes?
How many TV series are canceled after just a few airings??

Okay... so no one's perfect.
But... the STORYTELLERS who are caretakers of an IDEA are part of the commodity.
All things being equal... STORYTELLERS are not interchangeable.
The story will almost always be altered by who the storytellers are. Not necessarily for the worse... sometimes it will just be different.

So.... the point is: IDEAS don't stand on their own. Some do. But the vast majority of them don't. They need to be shepherded.

Build a great team.
Gather people around you who are the best in their areas of expertise that you can get. Hire great STORYTELLERS. People who are capable of making an IDEA come alive.

Yes, there will still be RISK.

You have no guarantee that any idea is going to be great – the best you can do is walk it down the path, with the right people beside you, and see where it goes.

I do guarantee this:

You can’t wait until you have the ultimate idea – or you’ll never do anything great.

VIDEO BLOGS from Speilberg, Lucas & Harrison Ford

Check out the NEW Video Blogs from Steven Speilberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford. Find them on my Newsvine Page.

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The Future of CCM (No... No.... the other CCM)

This article is either Vegas-like prognostication or "prophecy." My vote is on the latter. The future of Contemporary Christian Music according to the legendary - Charlie Peacock.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

College Credits Available @ CCM!

Major Breaking News!!!

Beginning this fall…. There will be college credits available to all CCM Graduates!! (Even to those who have graduated all the way back to the first class!)

Here’s the deal:

CCM and Sterling University, , are partnering to provide a Film & Television intern experience that equips aspiring, talented professionals with the skills to make it in “the biz,” a solid spiritual plan and foundation for the
entertainment business pro, and NOW COLLEGE CREDITS to all CCM’ers who graduate with full certification!

The specifics:

The same uniquely hands-on experience that CCM has always provided continues… but now you can get college credit for the time invested!
Sterling University is offering nearly half of the college credits needed to get a bachelor’s degree to every CCM 2-Year graduate. (Credits are available for 1 year CCMers as well.) And it gets better: All of those credits are free if you attend Sterling University to complete your bachelors! [Sterling University entry requirements apply and must be met.]

The Math:

Every bachelor’s is a bit different… but on average, at Sterling, it takes 124 units
to obtain the degree.
During the time spent @ CCM each individual could qualify for :
12 Units -- General Education (out of 52 required)
48 Units -- Major Classes (out of a 48 required) [Communication Arts Degree – Film/TV]

[NOTE: 24 Elective credits would also need to be completed to get your degree]

In short you could get 60 college credits for what you accomplish @ CCM!

In short you could be nearly half-way through the time it will take you to get your bachelors degree when you graduate CCM.

In short you could have nearly half the credits you need to get your bachelors for ZERO dollars extra beyond what you will pay for your CCM experience.

And it gets better...

If you decide to NOT go to Sterling you can “buy” a transfer of these credits from Sterling to the university of your choice for $55 per unit. (2 years of college credit for $3300) Do the math. 2 years of college credit x $55 per unit = AMAZING!

Agreement has already been reached on the credits that will go toward a COMMUNICATION ARTS // Film & Television degree.

Soon to come (within a matter of weeks): Graphic Arts degree, 3D Animation degree, Film Score & Composition degree.

Note: The Gen Ed credits come directly to you from HA UG Classes.

One last Note: All current CCM Graduates (Classes 2005 thru 2007) are eligible for retro- active credits! But, and this is important… college credits are only good for 7 years. So the window for graduates from the first class will be closing in 2010 for the credits you would be eligible for from your first year @ CCM

Excited? Interested… contact me, Beth Powell or Gail for more info.

YOU'RE HIRED!! -- Sarah Clement

Way to go!!

Another CCM graduate is making it!

I got this note from Sarah Clement (Aug 2007 Class) today.
I am so proud of you!!!

Hey Doug,
Just wanted to let you know I got a job. It's a huge opportunity, there's really no "earthly" reason I should have gotten it. I'm blown away.

Basically, I'll be freelance editor filling in for other editors who are on vacation. But they said it'll end up being mostly 5 days a week, cause there's almost always someone gone on vacation. After the summer is over, they'll just keep me on.

and what will I be editing? It's at CTVGlobeMedia (which controls pretty much all tv in Canada now), and so depending on who is on vacation each week,
I'll be doing editing for eTalk (same as Entertainment Television, but in Canada), MTV Canada, and e2 (an MTV breakoff/affiliate), and possibly So You Think You Can Dance Canada.... :)

I won't be like an edit assist or anything, I'll be actually editing episodes that will air nationally. Some stuff, like some eTalk's AM News, is a 4 hour turnaround, from the time it's assigned, to the time its on air, so it'll be WAY crazy at first, but the other editors said the producers will be good with assigning me stuff that isn't same-day turnaround, until I get used to their server and style of media management, and stuff. But this position is so competitive, that I'm really gonna have to fight to make sure I'm on top of my game, and really putting out excellent results, otherwise they'll drop me, and let one of the other dozens of people dying for this job take my place.

Anyways, just thought I'd let you know :)
I'll keep you updated for sure, and I'll send you a link to a segment once I do one, cause most of eTalk's episodes are online.


CCM makes you ready!!

Thank you God for your shaping, artistic nature, and vision!

Current favorite AWESOME Commercial

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hollywood is my HOME

I was born and raised in L.A.

It's still HOME.

My old neighborhoods matter to me.
My friends there are part of my life.
My home church of 10 years is there.
I know the streets.
I know the vibe.

I like El Matador St. Beach.
I like Big Bear.
I like El Tepeyac. (Best Burritos anywhere!!)
I like the Hollywood Bowl.

Still there are some who say Hollywood is EVIL.
And there are those who would sooner send their children off to be missionaries to the Sudan than they would to Hollywood.

Seriously... think about it.
We pray to God to protect those we send to a war torn or church persecuting or Christian maming/killing nation... and admire them for risking their lives. We lift them up for carrying the word of God to the lost... even though they could end up martyred. (AS WE SHOULD!)

But I ask.... WHY are so many people afraid of going or sending their children to Hollywood??? Is it really such a dangerous place that should be avoided at all cost??? WHY do we willingly accept that Christians can be martyred (like Jim Elliott) yet so many people don't want "believers" to be part of city or mechanism that released "End of the Spear?"

There might be some need for serious reassessment here.

I heard the late Walter Martin once say (and he may have been quoting someone else):

"When they invented the PRINTING PRESS... they said praise God... now everyone can have a Bible in their own home.

When they invented the MEGAPHONE... they said hallelujah... now they can hear at the back of the tent.

When they invented the RADIO.... they said glory to God... now millions can hear the word at one time.

When they invented the TV... they said leave it alone... that's satan's box."

Well.... who have we left it to?

L.A. (Hollywood) is not a place to fear.
L.A. is my HOME.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Horizon...

So what comes next?
What you can't see...

For the most part... that is where the excitement is.
Discovering what God has in mind for you.
What HIS plan is.
What your CALLING is.

The life of the entertainment an industry professional is one of constantly looking for the next gig. The release and freedom of a Christian in "the biz" is that God is in control!!! So... no need to worry

The yearning and dreams are placed on YOUR heart by God.
HE gets to choose the path you will take to get there.

The PATH will take up a lot of real estate on this blog.

To accompany my ramblings, I am asking several other folks to contribute stories from the road they are traveling.

I want to thank Season and Nathan for their first posts.

Season is a CCM graduate.
She knows what it's like to be out there "looking" and working as a free-lancer.
She is smart. She is talented.
And I value her views here.

Like other CCM graduates who will post here... Season offers the real world insight that only beating the pavement can offer.

Nathan is still in CCM... but , he's about to graduate.
He is one of the most talented young men I have had a chance to work with.
He is thoughtful and Biblically knowledgeable.
He follows his heart (as a storyteller) and God.

Thanks to both of them for their posts.

Check here often for new thoughts and wisdom from those who are pursuing the dream.